Hebrew Reading Program

Learning to read Hebrew with our copyrighted program is fun and easy. 


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Our Hebrew reading program is fun and innovative, making Hebrew reading simple. Our teachers meet one on one with their students and build a strong foundation from the basic Hebrew letters up to full Hebrew stories and Torah portions. The Hebrew reading course is designed to meet each students individual needs and can be customized to the individual students level. We teach students of all levels, our students range from no past Hebrew reading experience to simply needing a refresher course. Our user-friendly interactive Hebrew program will ensure that each student has a sufficient Hebrew reading foundation to meet their personal goals.

Learning how to read Hebrew is not the same for every student. Our program was created to meet the learning needs of all students, regardless of experience. Our teachers are skilled in different teaching methods and have worked with students with various learning needs. Through learning Hebrew using our interactive and user-friendly Hebrew program, our students learn Hebrew with ease, and find it fun too! After completing our Hebrew program students feel confident in their abilities to approach their Torah portion. At onlinejewishlearning we build a strong foundation of Hebrew reading so that students feel confident and comfortable while preparing for becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah.