Community Program

We create white label programs to support your community’s current offerings.

Why-Tutor-OnlineHow it works:

The Community Program offers synagogues, institutions, and small communities the opportunity to expand their current educational offerings beyond the classroom. The goal of our program is to provide meaningful and accessible learning online from the Hebrew School classroom or the home regardless of hectic or schedules or limited availability. Many communities struggle to cover all of the important topics in a limited time frame. Our program enables communities to expand their current educational programs without increasing the physical time spent in the classroom. Instead, communities can offer their students and families high quality, convenient, and exciting Jewish learning on their schedules.

Together, we have the unique opportunity to partner and bridge the gap between the Hebrew School classroom (and community) and the home through our interactive, individualized, and meaningful learning program. The convenience of the program helps eliminate barriers and instead builds bridges of learning, bringing your community into the hearts and homes of your families.

Online Jewish Learning “white labels” all of our community programs to ensure that your families feel connected to your community even when learning online. For example, our staff teaches and manages your entire online education program (while consulting with your staff and clergy) under the name of your choosing. If your community is called “Temple Shalom” for example, the program can be called the “Temple Shalom Online Hebrew School.” Our goal at Online Jewish Learning is to deepen the family and student connection to the community outside of Hebrew School hours.

The communities we serve use our services in a variety of ways including but not limited to:

Bar and Bat Mitzvah preparation, Adult education, Hebrew reading tutoring, Judaic studies lessons, and Family study sessions

Please visit our other program pages for more information about our program offerings and how we can help meet the needs of your community. We look forward to helping you refresh your community with our innovative and exciting learning opportunities!