Online Jewish Learning on Demand

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On-Demand Video Course Includes Instant Access to 10 Prayers, with Easy to Follow Captioning.



Online Jewish Learning is excited to offer a brand new way for you to learn the prayers! Are you studying for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah? Are you an adult who is looking to learn more prayer fluency to feel comfortable in the service? Online Jewish Learning On Demand is the course for you! Study with our videos at your own pace, log in at anytime and access Rabbi Dani singing all of the main prayers of the service. With the latest technology we have created videos that help you sing along with the words both in Hebrew text and transliteration. OJL On Demand is here to make your prayer learning experience as convenient and meaningful as possible at the touch of a button.

On-Demand Video Course includes Instant Access to these 10 Prayers:

1. Tallit Blessing
2. Ashrei
3. Barchu
4. Shema/V’ahavta
5. Amidah
6. Torah Service
7. Blessing before and after Torah Reading
8. After Torah Service
9. Hatzi Kaddish
10. Aleinu

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