Online Program Agreement

Monthly Membership Fees

By registering to become a client of OnlineJewishLearning, your child will receive unlimited access to the interactive online curriculum (the “ Online Program” or “Program”). Access to the Program’s curriculum will begin immediately upon completion of registration and payment for the thirty two week Hebrew course or the thirty two week Bar/Bat Mitzvah course.

Payment Methods

Payment can be made via paypal, or major credit cards as well as by wire transfer.

Service Period Suspensions

If your Payment Method is declined for any service period, access to the Program will be suspended. This suspension will continue until the Fee has been received.

Student Confidentiality respects the confidentiality of your child’s records and academic information. As the parent/legal guardian authorized to register your child, you will have access to the information we gather about your child. Should you want to authorize such access to any other individuals (for instance your spouse), you may do so by emailing us Please note that will honor any request for information about your child from the listed individuals without seeking your prior approval. If you need to remove any secondary users that you previously authorized, please email .