Why Tutor Online?

Why-Tutor-OnlineOnline learning is fun, meaningful, and most importantly convenient. With customized programs and flexible schedules, we work at you or your child’s pace to ensure thorough understanding and fluency. We know you and your children are busy and we understand the difficulty of finding a tutor in your area.

For your convenience, our online program is available anywhere, anytime. Your child will be able to attend our Hebrew school from home, master his/her Bar/Bat Mitzvah portion, or read Hebrew with ease from the comfort of your own home. Your child can participate in one-on-one or small group courses that are convenient for your family.

Our packages are tailored to accommodate every Hebrew level from zero to proficient. With our reading proficiency assessment, we can help your child find the program that best suits their needs.

As a family friendly program, we include Shabbat prayer tutorials, weekly divrei Torah podcasts, and holiday specials for parents free with any program so that you can learn along with your child. Online learning eliminates the hassle by bringing Jewish learning into your home on your schedule.

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